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    Updated 3/18

    My name is David and I am a Ph.D. candidate in Science Education.

    In this website, you will find my work and resources from my educator perspective.


    Press Release and Projects:

    Super Science Squad Press Release
    Newkirk Fellowship Announcement
    Project CRYSTAL Press Release and Website

    Certificate in Afterschool & Summer Education (CASE) and Website


    Through my own learning and experiences, I engage and teach students to address inequalities in STEM education and use my own interdisciplinary perspective to apply current research to social issues.


    I have taught in both formal and informal settings including: Preschool, Kindergarten, 5th grade, 7-8th grade science, 9th grade social studies, undergraduate students, Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) students, zoos, art museums, science museums, and afterschool programs.


    I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Public Health and a minor in Educational Studies from the University of California, Irvine. I also spent a year in AmeriCorps State program in a children’s museum conducting a research study on how children develop scientific thinking skills and understand their own learning processes.


  • Lesson Plans

    Sample Lesson Plans I created and executed with my teams. 

    Super Structures

    Students will work in teams to design, build and test a model bridge. They will also determine how shapes affect the strengths of structures.

    Bumper Cars

    Students will design a prototype to be used for a bumper car for the carnival. Students will then design and test out their new car and measure the distance traveled and velocity

    Sound Machines

    Students will explore how sound is created by vibrations. They will experience this concept first-hand by making different “sound machines:” instruments that use a taught rubber band, which vibrates when air passes over it, to create buzzing sounds. Students will also explore how different pitches of sound are created depending on the size of the rubber band and the speed at which it vibrates.

    Imagination Playground

    Students will be introduced to Club at the Children’s Museum. Students will also create a club name, club cheer and community guidelines. Students will then participate in unstructured play and cooperative learning.

    Creature Creation

    Students will be asked to construct an imaginary creature using recyclable materials. Considering each creature's unique needs and abilities, the students will create and identify a habitat and environment that best suits its creature.

    Water Theme Unit

    Collection of brief summary of lessons on water that adheres to the 5th grade Earth Science Content Standards for California Public Schools

    Spooky Science

    Collection of five drop in stations for a Spooky Science event for Halloween


    Students will observe a reaction via elephant toothpaste and see a reaction. Students will make observations and guess the outcomes of a reaction. Students will then create a reaction using baking soda and vinegar to launch film canister rockets.


    Students will describe the different components that make up our food. Students will then describe the various ways in which energy is around us through cycles. Finally, students will share through a media broadcast about energy use.


    Two versions are available


    Students will describe the nonliving and living things in their school ecosystem. Students will then produce a video that shows their school ecosystem while describing components such as the living organisms, non-living organisms, producers, consumers, and decomposers.

    Engineering Design

    Students will describe a problem they see in their ecosystems video. Then students will propose a solution and use the engineering design process to prototype, test, and improve their design solutions.

    Solar Systems

    Students will be able to describe how brightness changes over time and will be able to make claims of changes of brightness over time.

  • Teaching

    I have served as an educator as a teaching assistant at the undergraduate and graduate level (evaluations available), science museum educator, social science and global studies high school teaching intern, and a pre-school educator.

    Graduate Courses (Masters)


    • Outcomes of Schooling and Student Assessment (Graduate Level)


    • Advance Concepts in Learning and Cognition (Graduate Level)


    • Advance Concepts in Learning and Cognition A (Graduate Level)
    • Advance Concepts in Learning and Cognition B (Graduate Level)

    PreK-12 & Out of School/Afterschool


    •5th grade Science Teaching Aide and Afterschool Teacher at El Sol in Santa Ana, CA


    • 5th grade Science Teaching Aide and Afterschool Teacher at El Sol in Santa Ana, CA

    • 5th grade Science Teaching Aide at Advanced Learning Academy in Santa Ana, CA

    • 4th & 5th grade Science Teaching Aide at Roosevelt Elementary in Santa Ana, CA ​


    • Zoo Education Docent at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, RI​


    • STEM Educator at Providence Children’s Museum in Providence, RI


    • Curriculum Coordinator at Laguna Hills High School in Laguna Hills, CA


    • Social Studies Teaching Intern at Laguna Hills High in Laguna Hills, CA


    • Pre-K Jumpstart Corp Member at Whittier Preschool in Costa Mesa, CA

    Undergraduate Courses


    • Origins, Purposes, and Central Issues in K-12 Education (Undergraduate Level)

    • Children, Schools, and Cinemas (Undergraduate Level)


    • Children, Schools, and Cinemas (Undergraduate Level)

    • Theories of Development and Learning in Education (Undergraduate Level)

    • Educational Research Design (Undergraduate Level)


    • 21st Century Literacy (Undergraduate Level)

    Guest Lecturer


    • ​Challenging Deficit Perspectives in Science (Undergraduate)


    • Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (Undergraduate)

    • Educational Opportunities and Charter Schools (Undergraduate)

    • Social Relevant Curriculum and Digital Media Practices (Undergraduate)


    • Supporting the Authoring of a Science Identity (Masters)

    • Sociocultural Theory (Undergraduate)


    • Sociocultural Theory (Undergraduate)

    •The Intersection of Culture and Science (Undergraduate)


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